The photographer, Creekwalker, is an absolute original in all senses.  Her vision is attuned to living nuances that not one in a million people see.  Her work as a photographer is not just a way of seeing, but is manifestation of a way of being.  She is “forever” inside a creek, river or stream (in-person, physically), or walking next to or kayaking in a water-way, lake or pond. 

Her images often have the appearance of abstraction.  In fact, they are captured visions of very real, instantly occurring reflections of light on water in creeks and ponds.  Most of the photos was taken in Marin County, CA in waterways that “shed” intto San Pablo Bay. The one of salmon spawning was taken in a Sierra creek.

In photographic technique and process, the photographs are very real as well. The prints are completely unadulterated, not fabricated, not photo-shopped, not manipulated in any way.  They come straight from her digital camera photo-card to the web, her printer or a professional photgraphic printer.

To-be-sure, the range of her nature-oriented photography is much broader than the water- to- light images. Her portfolio includes images of animals, plants, trees, habitats, landscapes and natural processes.  Her vision of these subjects also captures light and movement and the quintessential quality of the subjects. 

NOTE: For a powerful reading of the artist’s statement and to see more of her photos, be sure to click here

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